Keystroke Dynamics

R Markdown / Javascript application

An interactive dashboard prototype for analyzing pausing behaviors in typing dynamics.

Millisecond timestamps are attached to each keypress and the inter-key pause interval is plotted at the index of each key.


Color Squares

P5.js / Javascript application

Based on the artwork and color theory research of Josef Albers.

Move the mouse inside the color box to see the effect of relative color perception.  Click to display the inner color boxes side by side. Refresh the page for a new set of color parameters.

Lightbox Kaleidoscope

2.5 x 4.5 x 6 in. Multimedia - iPhone, metal clasps, wood panels

A hybrid digital/analog multimedia kaleidoscope built from recycled electronics and a custom-designed wooden case. The images are based on an ordered series of 50 figurative ink drawings.